Bear in Mind

By on January 11, 2016
bear in mind

If you derive the least benefit from anyone, or should anyone contribute to your happiness in any way, acknowledge his services from the bottom of your heart and feel grateful to him. Never for a moment think that the benefit or happiness you derived was due to your Prarabdha, that he was only an instrument and did nothing to claim your gratitude. On the contrary, you should feel that the conferred a great boon on you by becoming instrumental in contributing to your happiness. Gratefully remember the help received from him, do not forget it throughout your life even when circumstances have changed and always try to make him happy and be of service to him. Do not hesitate, when necessary, to acknowledge his services to you openly before a large gathering. This will foster mutual love between you and your benefactor and promote happiness and peace, the spirit of making others happy will grow from more to more among people : mutual encouragement. Remember that he who cherishes a feeling of gratitude towards his benefactor renders a great service to the world at large; for such as attitude pleases the heart of the benefactor, he feels encouraged, and the spirit of service and benevolence gets strengthened within him. God is pleased with those who are grateful, and angry with those who are ungrateful. Therefore, be grateful and never forget the obligation of your benefactor.

It is impurity of your own mind that is mainly responsible for bringing to your notice only the dark side of other’s character. Make your own mind faultless and you will find that the number of sinners in this world is very much reduced.

Cultivate the habit of observing your own faults, examine the weakness of your heart very critically and you will realize that your heart is full of impurities; then you will hardly find any time to detect the faults of others.

Every thought arising in the mind carries with it the feeling of love or hatred, which is the root of joy and sorrow of an individual, who observes virtue crevice in another according as he is influenced by love and hatred towards him. Even the vices of him whom we love appear to us as virtues, and the virtues of him whom we late appear as vices. Unless we take off these coloured glasses of love and hatred from our eyes it is not possible to know a person in his true perspective.

Be an impartial observer of every thought-wave arising in your mind; very soon you will notice that such waves no longer arise in your mind. This is a sovereign recipe for controlling the mind. Similarly, if you can dispassionately observe the impulses of love and hatred without identifying yourself with them, you will soon find the practice helpful in controlling those impulses.

Life is very short-live amicably with all, behave well with all; scatter ambrosia everywhere and do not let the fall of even a drop of poison anywhere. Your conduct influenced by love is ambrosia and that influenced by hatred is poison.

If a person calls on you even for an hour, fill his heart with ambrosia through your loving and guileless behavior : take care that none may catch poison from you. Remove all poison from the heart and fill it up with ambrosia and then scatter it at every step.

Do not imagine yourself to be great because of your superior birth, social status, learning, wealth and position. Remember, the same Lord is pervading all. Superiority and inferiority exist only in our worldly relations and do not belong to the Atma.

In our worldly relations observance of indiscriminate equality is impossible and harmful therefore observing inequality, where necessary, in our worldly relation, maintain equality in your mental outlook. Know all to be equal so far as the Atma is concerned. Neither look down upon another as inferior, nor let any sense of self-importance enter your mind.

He is really great who regards himself to be humbler than the humblest creature. Remember always this secret.

God is ever and anon with you. Do not forget this fact. The sense of His being always present with you will prove very helpful in ridding you of all fear and sin. This is not a mere hypothesis. He is really present with everyone of us.

Increase your faith in the existence of God; the day you are fully assured of this existence you will be absolved of all sin and will have your face turned towards God.

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    That hits the target dead cetner! Great answer!

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