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By on August 19, 2015

Always try to make yourself strong, healthy, powerful and pure. In order to achieve this purpose, you will have to persuade yourself firmly that you are really so. And, in fact, you are so. You are not the body, you are the spirit. And the spirit is always strong, healthy, powerful and pure. It is only when one identifies oneself with the body that weakness, disease, impotence and impurity creep in.

Identifying yourself with the body, never imagine that you are strong, healthy, powerful and pure. Your doing so will simply go to swell your vanity, because these qualities do not exist in the body.

Identification of self with the body is itself a sin and is the greatest form of impurity. Regard yourself either as the Atma, a pure integral part of God Himself, or as a servant of God, the Lord of the heart. The Atma is intrinsically pure and strong, whereas a several of God also, through the contact and power of his Sadguru, becomes pure and strong as the Sadguru Himself.

Never try to circumscribe God. He is indefinable. He is both possessed of Form and Formless, and is also beyond Form and Formlessness both. In whatever aspect the devotee worships Him, he will find Him in that very aspect. There lies His divinity.

Without wasting time in the attempt to understand intellectually the nature of God or His creation, cling to anyone of the multifarious paths of discipline with reverence and devotion and begins to advance along that path. As you proceed, the whole enigma will begin to unravel itself to you. If instead of marching along any path you idly spend your time in discussions. you will identify yourself with a particular creed and waste your life in fruitless controversies and disputations. Truth is not realized through argumentations and theological discussions, it is realized through service of one’s preceptor and reverently treading the path prescribed by him.

Cultivate dispassion towards all objects of enjoyment. Dental of four things is necessary for cultivating dispassion, viz, the beauty, pleasurableness, loving nature and reality of the world. Develop attachment for God, realize that all these four things are present in Him in their entirely.

One should always avoid evil company and take to the company of the virtuous. The company of those, whose entire outlook is worldly, is very harmful. To say nothing of living things, even the association of lifeless objects, which attempt the mind and attract the senses, should be given up.

One should never utter even by mistakes, nor hear anything in opposition to God. It is the greatest sin to utter or hear such words.

Freeing the mind from the feelings of attraction and repulsion, one should enjoy objects of pleasure through the senses dispassionately and not with the feeling of love and hatred, nor as a slave of the senses. The greatest obstacle in the path of an aspirant is the desire for fame. It is easy to renounce the attraction for wealth or woman, but it is exceedingly difficult to renounce the attraction for fame.

The seat of happiness is your mind. Happiness does not lie in any action or external object. If the mind is silent, you are happy, otherwise there is no happiness for you. To attain peace of mind, it is necessary to renounce all worldly desires.

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