Concept of Organization

The underlying philosophy behind the existence of our organization is to propagate the spiritual and scientific aspects of Yog. To upgrade the value of Yogic science, we are researching and exploring the scientific principles of this India-born magical, powerful and ailment-healing practice.

In India, most of the institutions are not able to meet the requirements of all sections of Yoga and spirituality. Our organization is thriving to make Yoga an Internationally-adopted means of establishing a physically as well as mentally healthy community. For that, we are educating the masses to perform the Yog correctly.

Uplifting the general character, health, and relieving the people from stress and physical issues, we are currently treating 100-150 patients at every center, everyday. With a multi-directionally growing community, Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram is successfully moving towards its goal of making world free of diseases and stress.

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