Cultivate Inward Purity

By on August 18, 2015

Remember : those who are filthy within and seek to cover up the fifth with external ornamentation, their filthy does not lessen, on the contrary it increases, nor can they save themselves from the evil effects of the internal filth. True good is derived only when the internal filth is eradicated.

Remember : if your mind is full of evils like lust, anger, malice, jealousy and violence etc., and you make no effort to remove them: and their presence does not appear disagreeable to you, but externally you are loud in instructing others about disinterestedness, sacrifice, seeing good in others, love and the spirit of service, what do you gain thereby? It will lead only to the growth of hypocrisy.

Remember: if outwardly people fail to detect any merit in you, but your heart is faultless and pure, you are truly pure indeed, he alone is pure and good, who is pure before God, who is faultless is the eyes of God.

Remember: whatever words you utter about devotion, love and knowledge are, indeed, valueless, if your heart lacks attachment to God (devotion), the nectarean and disinterested sweetness of love, and the transcendent light of knowledge. Be a devotee in your heart, feel the spring of love within you, and kindle the light of Knowledge within. Then alone you will derive true benefit from them.

Remember: external ostentation, though grand and great, cannot be compared with even the smallest amount of truthfulness in thought. Create this truthful spirit, Truthfulness, however small, will conduce to the greatest good for it is true and genuine.

Remember: the teacher’s teachings should be first addressed to himself. Whatever good ideas you desire to propagate, or actually preach, apply them first to yourself and if you sincerely believe them to be good, realize them in your own life. To sacrifice one’s own good for another’s good is no doubt a virtue, but he who does not regard the good to be good in his own case, and preaches it like an actor on the stage, as good for others, can never expect to sacrifice his own good. He does not know what constitutes good for him, he is only playing the role of a hypocrite in order to cheat others, in order to prove in the eyes of others that he is a saint, virtuous in conduct. He does not possess even the simple belief that God, who resides within his heart, knows his hypocrisy and will be displeased with his conduct. Such a soul does good neither to himself nor to others.

Remember: this existence as a human being is really very valuable; it has been gained neither for wasting it in idle pursuits, nor for the accumulation of sins. Make the best use of it. Devote every moment of it to the remembrance of God. Do not get deluded with this world’s wealth and followings, learning and intellect, honour and welcome, lordship and power and relationships of ‘mine’ and ‘thine’. Life is, indeed, fast running short. Till you are not actually in the jaws of death, and he senses and mind continues to function, it is not possible for you to do something. Therefore, with your whole heart, devote every prompting of the mind, every deed done by the body and every gesture of the senses to the practice of Bhajana of God.

Remember: if you gain in abundance this world’s honour and greatness, wealth and glory, name and fame, power and lordship, what do you gain thereby? You will carry with you from this world nothing but the latencies of your good and evil acts. The other things will neither go with you, nor will be helpful to you. Thus the life will be wholly wasted. Not only that, but the load of the sins you are committing prompted by the desire for worldly gain, will follow you and give you trouble for endless lives. Therefore, heed the warning be times. Try to understand the real object of human existence, and devote every moment of life to its fulfillment and realization.

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