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Deviation from reality as a matter of fact is the source of trouble, discontentment, mental tension, agony and dismay, that we experience all around. The intensity has increased to such an extent that pinch is being felt at the international level too. At the international stage it is being viewed that scientific inventions of the day are found wanting and something more is needed for the real bliss. Since the more the scientific inventions are being developed for the welfare of the man, the more the man is getting entangled into a baffled state of bewilderness and rather is heading towards the opposite direction to his needs and requirements, i.e. he is departing rapidly from what he ought to acquire.

Now the question arises, “what does a man need?” and “what does he require?” Answer is quite simple. Man needs contentment, and requires happiness, bliss and ecstasy. Naturally one has to go in, for the ways the contentment, bliss and ecstasy can be acquired or derived out. Problem is not difficult. It merely requires understanding of the reality of life which we are evading. This is the point where we depart from what we need to realise and understand meaningfully. Rather this is juncture where we loose our grip and we are swept away with the glamour which is flickering and short lived, ignoring this fact that,”Everything that glitters is not gold.”

So it is utmost essential that we should deviate ourselves from the glamour around, and the temptation there of. Temptation comes out of a flickering, discontented and disgruntled mind. Hence mind requires a thoughtful consideration for a control of its flickering and tempting tendencies. A man with a controlled mind is said to be a man of matured thinking. His actions were considered to be rational. The more the concentration is experienced the more the rational thinking comes on, is a fact beyond any doubt. So mind is a vital factor.

Every religious sect focuses its attention for the concentration of mind. But Yoga, a scientific technique, excels all the prevailing systems, since it directly touches the delicate fibre where upon the working of mind hinges. That is the “Breath”. Systematic control of the Breath regulates the mind as is said and has otherwise been proved.

मनो यत्र लीयते प्राणास्तत्र लीयते।

यत्र प्राणारू लीयते तत्र मनो लीयते ।।

It explains, “where breath is regulated the mind gets controlled and accordingly with a controlled mind breath gets regulated.”

Evidently regulation of breath controls the mind and this regulation is termed as pranayama in the ‘Yoga Technique’. Pranayama combined with Yogic Kriyas/Mudras bears fruit, otherwise the practice of mere pranayama, dries up the inward secretion of the endocrine glands. With the result, that instead of deriving the desired objective, the fact is adversely experienced therefrom. The skill, therefore, needs to be acquired from an experienced person having a practical knowledge, thereof. Such a personality is known as a Master of Asthang Yoga or THE SADGURUDEVA.

With a controlled mind, the flickering tendency is obviated. Every subject thereafter gets a thoughtful consideration. Meaning of the life is taken in the right perspective. Deception gets fully revealed. Right and wrong, real and unreal and segregated. At such a stage departure from the reality gets retarded. Understanding of the truth is activated. Real surpasses the unreal. Lust, adherence and bindings for deceptive and unreal, objects look failure. Futility gets apparent. Reality is experienced. Experience fortifies the wisdom. Wisdom gets supreme.

This is the real departure or a derivation from the unreal objects. Pacing towards glamour not only gets restrained but it takes a turn for a real bliss, Contentment and ecstasy. That is what a man needs.

Decisively contentment, bliss and ecstasy come from within and not from the outer glamour, is a fact that now universally been accepted. So the deviation is an essential requisite. Therefore, in order to achieve the objective the departure or deviation from the unreal, deceptive and futile objects to the real, truthful and everlasting ones should be our maxim, that too, by acquiring the concentration of mind.

There lives the real ascetic who feeds himself or aims, unattached to the society of men, always free in his efforts ( i. e. without obligation restraint from outside) and pursuing a path of indifference as regards what to give up or what to take; his worn out garment is made up of rages cast away in the street, and his seat is blanket received by chance; he is devoid of happiness arising from the control of mind.

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