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By on August 19, 2015
  1. Semen is the elixir of the physiological process of the body. Preserve it carefully by Pranayama, Sarvangasana, Mahavirasana and Shirshasana. Moolbandha and Basti Kriya also play a vital role in checking the outflow of semen.
  2. Fasting is better for our health. But Yogic Shastras believe in always eating your food in moderation; fill half of your stomach with food, one fourth with water and one fourth to be left for sufficient oxygen-lader air.
  3. The best reducing exercise is to shake your head violently from side to side, when offered a second helping.
  4. Chew one raw onion (and throw-away) for a few days to keep your teeth germ-free and healthy.
  5. Man is the product of his action. His past deeds have shaped his present. His present actions will determine his future. To live a better future, man needs to do good deeds in the present.
  6. Disputes are ventilation of one’s ego. Ego, hurt in a stuble form, leads to disputes. Disputes are settled out but not the ego. With the diminishing of ego one becomes divine.
  7. Every conscious action, in the length of time, becomes an automatic subconscious habit. Hence for better habits, act now consciously.
  8. Depression was discovered by a man who first experienced a sluggish liver. A sluggish liver can be easily cured through regular ‘Ushapaan’ (drinking of water through the nose at dawn) as well as ‘agnisara’.
  9. Human life depends upon the number of breaths and not the years. Therefore to live longer and healthier, learn the yogic way of breathing i.e. Pranayama.
  10. Most of the serious diseases arise out of constipation. Fibre diet [ fruits, vegetables and wholemeal flour, preferably of grams etc.], Nauli Kriya, Basti Kriya and Shankha Prakshalana can certainly root out the chronic constipation and piles.

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