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By on August 18, 2015
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Thought alone is eternal. It is the ‘truth’ as it originates from wisdom. Wisdom is nothing but ‘spiritual perception and revealation’. One who possesses it, is always judicious, pious, prudent and godly, possessed with all virtues with all his deeds and actions directed towards the divine ‘self’.

A wise person is he, who makes good use of knowledge, judging everything rightly, dictated by wisdom. Wisdom, although a common word, in a broader sense contains everything that is good and right in the world and everything that is divine and eternal is deeply related to it. A divine act full of wisdom always originates from deep concentration and meditation. It is with power of wisdom that right thinking about the knowledge of truth leads one to tense aversion and resolve to conceive in him the seed of ‘superconsciousness’ where the ‘Real Absoluteness’ is experienced.

In the moments of depression and utter frustration, it is the wisdom that helps a man in a way as a floating raft rescues a drowning person in a stormy ocean. Wisdom not only saves one from a calamity or a state of wretchedness but also pulls one out of ‘fear’. One realises that one is not the body but the ‘soul’ whom the air cannot dehydrate, floods cannot wash away, fire cannot burn or even a bullet cannot penetrate. It is the wisdom that nullifies the illusions of ‘maya’ and shatters away all worldly bondages. It makes one realise the vastness of soul. Even when one lads a worldly life one is always right and justful and is never wrong in his decisions and conceptions.

Instinctive actions governed by the senses can be wrong but those associated and guided by wisdom can never be misguiding. Inferences drawn through computers can be wrong but a true wisdom never fails. Blessed are those that have wisdom with every actions taking it to be divine and sacred.

Sometimes when one is in a dilemma and is not sure which way to go, the wisdom tells the truth and creates an urge to do the right. Again there is a tug of war between the temptations of the lower order, the demand of the senses, the worldly illusions and something divine. Then wisdom develops a moral courage and determination to oppose the disruptive forces, and make you chase the right direction. In a moment you feel relieved, free from all tensions, you are no more perturbed, impatient and anxious. In twinkling of an eye you begin to feel glorious and elegant. Thus, wisdom acts as your deliverer, saviour and even redeemer. You now hate, curse, reproach and condemn the feelings that had dominated your mind.

Rousing moments are those when wisdom makes truth of the philosophical doctrine which asserts that the individual is but the reflection of his ‘Creater’. The need is only to awaken, develop and follow the impulses created by the wisdom. In due course of time you will experience a direct perception i.e. coming face to face, seeing with your own eyes the ‘Real Self’.

Wisdom always acts as a motive or inductive force. It inspires and drives for the betterment of an individual. It gives an individual mental restraint, i.e. a power of self control, urgently needed for dissociation and detachment with all sorts of sensual passions, emotions and sentiments to help enter in reign of abstract mental world for positive psycho analysis to rise above all kinds of disappointments and dejections and ultimately embrace the ‘Divinity’.

Thus your lot or future depends on whether you obey your wisdom or surrender to the allurings of the world. You are bound to be doomed or rise high above everything to get emancipated in case you either neglect your wisdom or follow it blindly. In the former case you are likely to fall a victim to affection, sorrow, mental agony and you lose everything whereas in the later case you become cerebrotonic i.e., single minded, thoughtful and contemplative and you get perfect mental contentment, and deep inner satisfaction of the self and the soul.

Oh, how precious a gift God has given to the man in the form of intellect or the wisdom. The need is only to make best use of it for the noble end.

O man, what are you doing ? Think over it, Have some wisdom? What has happened to you? This is what we have often heard people saying to those, who act in an unusual manner or those who fail to face the miseries of the world. People who have not been able to come up to the mark or rise to their expectations or hopes feel badly dishearted. They surrender to the odd situations and turn escapist. They lose all zeal, inspiration and liveliness and charm of life. In addition to this, we find so many accidents taking place on the roads, rails, on the earth, in the sea and the sky indicating thereby that either the machinery fitted in the man i.e his mind or the machinery crated by man has failed. Both ways it is the man and not its ‘Creater’ is to be blamed. God has gifted the man with wisdom, with a thoughtful nature and creativity. This makes him different from animals. Animals and others are not able to control their impulses. They turn violent when their hunger for food and sex is not satisfied in a routine manner. They are more sensitive to bodily pains. But human being, with his wisdom to help him can sustain without food and sexual pleasures for a long time. We have seen saints and others fasting for long periods. Hath Yogis with their power of determination and control on different activities and processes in the body can live longer without consumption of food and satisfaction of senses. During Samadhi, they even stop breathing and can control even the movement and palpitation of heart. Man fails where his wisdom fails, where he loses his presence of mind and is not able to use his thinking, reasoning and power of logic and discrimination.

There is no reason that by properly utilising his power of wisdom, he cannot only pass a successful life but rise to the heights, unthinkable and unimagined by him. So what is required is the proper development of his faculties of the intellect and their proper use to serve him life long.

Truth of wisdom and key to all success, happiness and prosperity lies in doing the right work at the right time. Then the question arises as to what is wisdom, whether everyone possesses it, how it works, whether in some cases it is inactive or sleeps and how can it be activated, awakened and developed. In the following account we can try to find answers to these questions and reach some conclusions.

At least one thing is certain that power of thinking in the right direction in a constructive manner is one of the aspects of wisdom. Again when a child is born, it is not totally blank but has the seed of a full fledged life with infinite attributes and so the ‘wisdom’, which is to activate and develop in accordance with heredity and environment and past impressions. The child has unlimited potentialities hidden in him, but it is rarely that all of them are developed in making him equally great. Similarly, although everyone possesses the wisdom but there are very few who are able to make best use of it. Still fewer are those who develop it to analyse and explore the very self and know the truth to realise the ‘Reality’.

Sometimes, we find people with shining, bright radiating faces having penetrating divine looks, voice with a gravity and appealing divine arguments. All this wears a strange mystery indicating that the subject has at its command some divine powers. It is because knowingly or unknowingly the person has indulged in some pious, religious, charitable activities. He has either undertaken ‘Guru Seva’ or has practiced Yoga. Due to this the wisdom gets awakened of its own. The divine power enters the neutral blocked ‘nadi’ called ‘sushumna’ lying between ‘Ida’ and ‘Pingla’ the other two ‘nadis’. It is popular belief of the ‘Yogis’ that ‘mooladhar’ is the eternal reservoir of divine energy. It is situated at the lowest end of the spine. The other energy centres are at intervals along the spine, the top most being the ‘Sahastrar’ at the under of the centre of the head. According to ‘Yogis’ the energy centres are situated on the ‘Sushumna’ the middle of the three astral tubes rising upwards with the spine. When somehow the energy is released from ‘mooladhar’ , wisdom comes of its own to the extent the energy centres get activated and harmonious vibrations have the play with the ‘sahastrar’ the abode of ‘Brahma’ in the body.

Some people claim that they had been blessed by ‘Almighty’ in return to their continuous worshiping, penance or tapas for many long years. But in fact, as described above, they had unknowingly, through their devotion, dedication and utmost faith reverence, passed through phases of practice of some aspects of ‘Yoga’ and it is because of this concentration and meditation that their inner self and undergone radical changes due to awakening of wisdom and release of divine energy. It is this achievement, development and growth of their wisdom that they assume to be the fruit, granted to them by their favourite gods.

Now we can understand and realise what actually it means when we hear great saints and philosophers claiming that human being has the ‘Divine’ in him. We assume it next to impossible that without ‘Satsang’ i.e. reciting God’s names in the company of like minded religious people, vast experience, reading, writing, speaking and exchange of views, we cannot eternal knowledge or know the truth or become great in the true sense. In short, without indulging in pious activities, salvation or realisation is not possible. This is simply underestimating the ‘worth’ of the human with its infinite hidden and stored powers. It is just that a charged battery does not seem to be so unless current from it is allowed to flow by completing the circuit. Further the human being or even a newly born baby is not something, trivial worthless or unimportant, rather as a man he is the descendant of the primogenitor of human race and is one enriched through the whole sequence of millions of generations with added circles and phases of life force of the ‘Brahmana’ the ‘Universe’ or is the living entity or embodiment of the Almighty God. It has everything in him except the manifestation and the development in order to become a flowering rice.

Again for a gramophone record, it can be said that it is simply a black, glazed circular disc that only looks fine and has nothing else in it. Whereas truth is different. We know that it has extremely fine circular zigzag lines, the impressions of the sound waves. The music, information or the knowledge is stored in it, in the coiled form just as the mooladhar, the Kundalini in the human being is the ‘Record Room’ of all universal impressions. Today we have the video cassettes that not only have the recorded sound but also the photographs of original scenes from which the records had been got ready. What does all this mean? The answer is that the truth exists, knowledge exists or even the eternity exists in every molecule or particle in the same quantity as in whole of the vast universe. The need is only to activated and awaken and get whole of it.

This is not something new. It had happened millions of time in the past. There is a long list of names who had realised the truth with a mere divine touch of their spiritual master or Sadgurudev. The very touch in a moment had changed their lots just as the gentle touch of the fine needle connected with the “ mains” affects the gramophone record. The feeling of blessedness and trance with the mere touch of the great ‘guru’ is just a glimpse of what the infinite, the perfect wisdom has in its stores.

Let us learn a little bit more before we go ahead. We had started with the world ‘thought’. Thought is just the power, the sound called ‘shabad’. Thoughts coming to the mind get accumulated. They never die. As the sum of all the natural numbers is impressions gathered through a span of millions of years since the time man came into existence. Hence, ultimately energy is stored somewhere in the human body(mooladhar). In dreams, we see persons and places never seen by us in this life. This is due to release of some of the impressions through the astral tube (sushumna ) and their impact on the brain nerves. We have thoughts and we speak to express ourselves or to give them an outlet to relieve us of the pressure. Sometimes we have an excessive flow of thoughts and we find ourselves as spell bound. We go dumb because we cannot manage for their natural flow. Water flows through drains, canals and rivers and everything is in order. But when a flood is there, they all fail to control it and the result is disaster. Therefore, if through one process or the other, through practice of ‘Hath Yog’ or benevolence of Sadgurudev, we succeed in opening the closed ‘sushumna’ the inifinite flood of knowledge that was locked in the ‘mooladhar’ starts flowing towards the ‘sahastrar’ in the top of the head, through various other centres. As this flow rises the secrets of universe, the knowledge of the world comes of its own to the subject, the striver, the man.

The whole nature unveils and unfolds itself by lifting the covering screen one by one But there is another possibility also. If he there is another possibility also. If the ‘sadhak’ is raw, untrained immature and does not have the capacity and is unprepared for all this, he will collapse like a mud wall. A disintegration of his personality will follow and it is more likely that he may imbalanced or even go mad. That is why the great Gurus first prepare the ground, for strong foundation and save the disciple from such an unexpected terrible situation and prepare him so that he may absorb the divinity in a very natural way. The gracious presence of sadgurudev at such occasion is but a must for rendering timely help and guidance. This is the awakening of the Kundalini or the serpentine power or the human ‘wisdom’ in general.

Does Wisdom sleep? Yes it sleeps, from above account we are in a position to say this. In most of the cases people are not even aware of its presence. They act, work, eat and sleep just as their instincts tell them to do. All these activities are easily controlled and executed by spinal cord or rear of the brain. Then how to awaken it. It can be done by one who is really great with an awakened wisdom. The extent and intensity to which it is done depends upon the degree of devotion and dedication, sincerity and efforts and one’s capacity to hold and sustain the flow. The more it is, the more peaceful he becomes.

When a ‘sadhak’ concentrates himself in a ‘satsang’ sitting at the lotus feet of his Sadgurudev listening to bhajans, divine songs, or holy discourse he feels intoxicated due to ‘bhakati rasa’. A strange joy and bliss surrounds him. He feels attached and absorbed. He does not want to be disturbed. He feels like sitting there for days together without even the slightest notion of the hands of the wall clock moving forward to complete their destined cycle. This is again a step towards realisation of the truth of wisdom to some extent, may it be like a small dose gifted to the devotees with the grace of Sadgurudev and the harmonics playing willfully in the divine atmosphere of the shrine. If such like efforts are continued, there is no danger that something horrible would occur. Rather every development would be spontaneous and harmless, however, great it might be.

One sacred objective must be to attain perfection from where there is no come back as it is the stage of perfect stability. All our endeavours must be directed to swallow more and more such like doses to increase our capacity in order to allow more room to divinity to lay in us so that when the unique opportunity, the long awaited moment arrives, when we are destined to be awarded in the form of harvesting the crop of divine flowers after a long tapas and penance, we should feel ourselves strong enough to absorb in us the floods of divinity, the awakening of wisdom to its fullest.

Now before we sum up, we can observe some steps that are congenial for such like developments. To produce subtle harmonious vibrations to affect our innerself, we must live in the company of our Sadgurudev, spiritual guide and saintly people for as such as possible. Our duties, works, business and dealing must be unsinful, religious, honest, justful and uncontroversial from point of view of Yoga. The surroundings we pass most of our time must be ethical and divine and free from noise, smoke, dust, poisonous gases or say all sort of pollution. Way of life has a tremendous effect on wisdom. It consist i.e., the food we consume which must be ‘satvic’ vegetarian and easily digestible. It must include sufficient milk, curd, butter, fruits, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, pulses and cereal etc. One should wear cotton or silk and not synthetic fibre clothes that create unnecessary tension, uneasiness and a sort of anxiety in the mind of the wearer. This is what our sages had idealized by saying that basic principle of simple living and high basic principle of simple living and high thinking must be observed. Above all practice of ‘Yoga’ must be adopted with full spirits.

Wisdom is closely related to ‘Knowledge’. A man of wisdom has more knowledge about the world and the self. May be that he is not a realised soul but he can make better use of this attained wisdom and knowledge for his welfare in his life. Such people not only pass a happy and healthy life but also help others for their uplift. They prove to be good citizens. For them life has a meaning . For these people, there are no problems. The wisdom helps them take quick and right decisions. Through arguments and counter arguments they reach the right conclusions. They are more stable than others. People executing honestly all their duties, they never forget their ultimate aim of realising the ‘self’.

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