How Yoga can be integrated with modern practices to attain Perfection

Yoga, which itself is the process of continual transformation and refinement, is quite compatible with current world as well. The goal of Yog is attaining good health, inner-peace and a sense of balance. And, everyone in this world – be it now or 50 years ahead of time, is seeking to achieve the same.

As it’s the solution to many problems of people, its integration with the modern practices is essential. For this, our organization focuses on educating the people about the yog and its benefits. We also guide people to correctly perform yogic kriyas, pranayams and everything else because practicing it wrong will not have any good consequences.

Following are some suggested ways of integrating yog to everyone’s life:

  • Making it a part of education system.
  • Organizing more and more yog shivirs and camps
  • Publishing and researching more about this Vedic Science
  • Guiding people to perform it properly
  • Taking it to masses and educating yog’s importance to them.
  • Forming groups and spreading awareness about yog.

Daily public camps in all Indian cities (twice a day), making sure that everyone gets to attend it once in a day at least.

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