About Organization

Incepted in 1888, Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram is a non-profit organization. We are aimed at advancing and propagating the Yoga practices to spread peace. Our organization has adopted as a scientific cure to human ailments. Envisioning the concept of Yogic colleges and schools for the country’s and world’s welfare, we are continually working to bring more research works, journals, periodicals, papers and educational contents.

Our organization is actively organizing camps inside and outside side India to enrich the world with the philosophy of yoga. Through these camps, we supervise the youth (and everyone else) to perform Yogic Kriyas, Asans, Pranayams and Mudras. Currently, Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram has is established at 32 locations nation-wide.


Yoga is a scientific system, through which human can over-power the physical and mental senses. Spiritually uplifting every human soul and making world a better & healthy place is our vision.


Our mission is to purify people’s soul and body. Yoga centers, schools, colleges, temples and researches are the mediating missions, which will take us to the actual goal finally.


Our yogic center considers yoga as a scientific and spiritual practice, rather than connecting it to religion merely. Following ancient Guru Parampara ardently, we consider everyone needs guidance (and hence a ‘Guru’) for accomplishing the goals.