Maintaining Good Health Through Yog

By on September 4, 2015

Some points especially for the those who are particularly interested in maintaining good health through yoga.

  • Everything is rhythmic and goes according to fixed laws of nature. Therefore, we should also observe a rhythm, a discipline in all our acts e.g. breathing, walking, eating and drinking, Speaking and playing etc. The mystery of leading a successful life through Yoga lies in observance of this rule. To understand vividly this mystery one has to keep restraint on one’s body. Some parts are in action while others or not. Rhythmical action is the law of nature as we find that motion of planets, tidal waves of ocean show a constant rhythmic activity. Therefore, the same rule must be observed in our daily routine for a healthy life.
  • For mental health one must possess a positive towards life and the mind should be saturated with high ideas and right things. Keep heart and mind free from unnecessary depressions. Your God should always be dwelling in your heart. God that is all pervading , Omnipotent, Omniscient and Sachidanand. A perfect health is a harmonious combination of a healthy body, mind and soul.

The radiations from the soul of an individual affect the body. Mind works through consciousness for supplying required vitality to the body. Thus mental powers affect not only the body but also the mind.

  • According to the rule of ‘Auto suggestion’ self control and self-concentration can lead to the diagnosis of all sorts of bodily ailments and mental disorders and then they can be easily cured. Scientists are of the opinion that a man becomes what he thinks and bears in mind. With a firm determination when efforts are centred on an object, it is definitely achieved by the individual. Further what ever is borne in mind before going to bed, continues affect it during sleep and when the individual wakes up next morning his day’s activities start with it and have a great impact on him throughout the day. This happiness through subconscious mind and healthy ideas add to one’s mental powers and generally help him get rid of incurable diseases. The following can be practiced to extracts varried benefits:
  • I am young, energetic and full of vitality and strength. I am aware of it and my body show it.
  • I am a part of super soul. I am perfectly pure and blissful and posses an unchanging stable mind and am a reflection of divine. This Divinity is the real health of its creater as health and not disease is the normal true form of Super Power. Thus I draw my powers, energies, courage and peace from Almighty.
  • I am always dynamic and changing and new and am an unfolding expression of infinite life. My eyes, ears and other faculties in me grow with ever renewing life giving forces.
  • Sit peacefully in meditation and concentrate your consciousness at a point between the eyebrows. Keep the spine erect so that the whole body rests in a comfortable posture. Now ‘observe’ your ideas and try to understand the mind and its activities. Try to differentiate between bondings and liberation, pains and pleasure, health and maladies, poverty and riches and find out various causes behind them. Don’t connect yourself with them. Be an impartial Judge. Act as a observer outside the system. All this will help you draw life powe(Pran Shakti) from various sources.

If you want to control your ideas for restraint and self control, make it a habit to observe the activities of your mind. Make it a permanent feature to sit before sunrise and after sunset and surrender yourself and your ego to that Almighty. Give up your desires to merge them His desires. This will help you to desolve yourself and your existence and become one with Him. When you feel frustrated, don’t look around outside but desire the required strength , peace and bliss from Him, that dewells in your blessed heart. He acts as your ‘SADGURU’, friend and liberates you from state of all physical and mental agonies.

  • Practice secret Yogic processes like ‘Shambhavi Mudra’, ‘Shanmukhi Mudra’, ‘Trataka’, ‘Khechri Mudra’ etc. to link your individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness. An abundant supply of vital energy can be drawn from cosmic sources through them. This bring a great improvement in physical health.
  • Yoga must be made a routine in daily life and life should be based on principles of Yoga. Yogasans and Pranayam must be practiced regularly. It should be borne in mind that all this must be done very carefully under the guidance of an expert Yogacharya and not merely after going through books. Further these must be done with a single minded devotion, a sense of purpose and a spirit of oneness and surrender to Almighty.


Is the end I am writing to elevate and encourage all to pass a life which is perfect in all aspects. The aim of integral Yoga is that an individual must possess a healthy body, mind and spirit. He has a pure heart, eternal peace, self-control, a sharp witty brain, determination and a strong will power. His heart is full of love, affection and mercy and has keen desire to serve mankind and is always absorbed with Almighty. This can be achieved through Yogasnas, Pranayam recitation of mantras and God’s names, worship, meditation and self discipline. Selfless service, introspection, concentration, self analysis, can also be of great help. This all proves that Yoga is the best and the only ideal means through which one can achieve a perfect, physical and mental health. Human body is not only a body made out of gross matter but it has a mind and soul too. They are interdependent for their progress. Untill and unless they are not adjusted and are not coordinated to the internal and eternal aspects and surroundings, a perfect health and harmonious development can be achieved. It is Yoga which is capable of solving all complexities and problems of life. The intelligence grows immediately and solutions is desired through introspective concentration from the Divine source.

Our youth have unlimited potentialities and dynamism which is not being properly utilized and developed. This treasure of intelligence and energy can be explored, unearthed and developed only through Yoga. Our country is passing through an age of crisis and degeneration and its seems to have swallowed all walks of life. The all pervading darkness has no ends and our glorious culture and values of life are at stake. We should not forget that if we lose our culture we lose all. Therefore we especially the youth of today must accept the challenge to face all those difficulties through scientific Yoga. Yoga is a perfect science. It continues diagnosis for all disorders and problems and at the same time suggests cure for all these maladies. But it is we, who unfortunately hesitate to adopt it as a regular feature in our life. When it has been established that those who have practiced it are the happiest lot on the Earth then why should all of us not make best use of it to draw maximum benefits, to solve all problems of life and live happily in this beautiful world of ours.

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