Man : Thou Art Everything

By on August 11, 2015

Man we can say is   a perfect entity, the supreme creation of God. It is because man is gifted with something outstanding and unique, which is not present in any other living or nonliving in the Universe. Yes, no doubt, that to be emphasized, to make clear and do away with all confusions that it is different from brain situated in the skull of all animals. At least we can say that is human beings the system is in its utmost developed form, capable of receiving and emanating even the occult vibrations. Any how the human behaviour and all his activities are a manifestation of the presence of mind with its different aspects e.g. reasoning, logic, intelligence and wisdom. It is mind which when allowed to play in the body makes the creation, the man, a glory of the Universe and the Artist, its creator, the God Himself. It is the mind only that renders meaning to the pulses of light & sound and imparts sense of the impressions of taste & smell. Even in Gita the power of mind has been described as limitless as the sky. A controlled mind in an individual indicates self restraint and distinguishes him from others. That is a distinction which determines the worth of a man. Lord Krishna has repeatedly asserted that although very difficult, it can be brought under control through continued practice(abhyas) and feelings of detachment(vairagya) and benevolence of Yogi Sadgurudev, who himself is mentally detached to worldly allurements. Mind should be continuously fed with resolution and determination to conceive divine ideas to make it stable and chaste. It needs the utmost care as it is the only ‘Capital’ with which one can lead successfully this life and can effectively prepare for the coming one.

Just think that it is mind(mann) which you have accepted the wordly bondages. It is for this great and the powerful mind that you have surrounded yourself with the infinite covers of illusions(maya) and have acquired the form (body) of a man to get entangled in the cowebb. You have obeyed it like a faithful servant because you know well that it is the only fastest horse that could take you to your ultimate destination, the sacred goal. You are wise enough to know that in due course of time you will bring it under control with practice, penance and aversion with the mercy of Sadgurudev and then ride it to the desired place, the abode of peace and bliss, the state of self realisation, to rest for ever.

But sometimes the poor man does not understand the greatness and significance of mind. He does not know that it is a unique versatile mirror, which records and reflects whatever comes its vision. Nothing good or bad, sacred acts or sins are hidden from it. That is why their reward or punishment become obvious and consequent as the reactions of an object. Sometimes, unable to face the hard realities one can ran away solitude but still the mind (mann) the mental world haunts him. So an individual must realise that his mind is the basis of his past, present and future life and even his next birth and activities at all levels whether physical, mental, spiritual or occult originate from it. it will not be improper to add that it is the ‘God’ the Almighty, the ‘Supreme Master’, cbause after all a man has ultimately to seek ‘Him’ within himself. In this context when we say that our mind (mann) is the darkness(sensual), it is the light (Sublime Divinity). It is everything and that no secret is unknown to it as it has thousands of eyes, is not meaningless, And only those bestowed with deeper insight and benevolence of Sadgurudev can understand it, to its very depth.

‘O’, man you are really great as you possess this rare ‘gift’. You are everything. You are the truth, the way , and the life. Your magnificance lies in your association with the mind(mann) the real treasure. You feel depressed and poor because you have not yet unearthed and exposed the treasure to know its worth. The moment you do it, you become, the richest, the master.

We have seen that all our acts are guided and directed by our mind. Our religion, duties, ideals and endevours originates from it. They follow it just as the shadow to the subject. The mind and is functions do not cease even with the death, but continue and thus the sequence never ends. So make the mind pure and chaste and free it from superfluous attributes and influences and impressions. Concentrate it to coverage all its powers from being wasted in trivial matters of the world. Restore it, at the earliest , it innate glory and intense sublimity.

To judge your efforts in the process of purification of your mind, you may rightly feel an inclination towards kindliness, benevolence and charity. You will be generous to help others. You will believe in giving and not taking, parting and not receiving . You will feel interested in art, poetry, music, painting, literature and architecture. A calm will prevail in your mind, perfectly absorbed in the Lotus feet of your Sadgurudev or favourite God. All great works of the great masters of the world were created in perfect tranquility by pure, determined, stable and chaste minds. They were a result of satisfaction of the hunger of the mind to explore the unknown and create the best. This is rarely observed in animals. The degree of aesthetic sense, chaste love, affection, kindness, sympathy, intense aversion and a sense of self sacrifice in a human being determines how much of ‘human’ one is out of the herd of common men. It is these human values that are the glory of humanity. So all your endevours must be directed to mature the mind to cultivate only the congenial thoughts regarding these values and expell the rest.

It is very orinary and vey common among the living beings that they feel happiness, joy and satisfaction because of peripherial vibrations touching the surface of the mind. This results from gratification of senses. But when the harmonics stir the depth of the mind, a deep sense of contentment foltows. It is the divine bliss and is solely altributed to the enlightment of the soul. A stationery and everlasting calm envelops and surrounds the mind thereby indicating the play of subtle forces in an individual due to flow of divine flux from eternal source, just as a bulb gets lighted the moment it is switched and electric current flows from the mains. This is very rare and is seldom felt, that also with the grace of Sadgurudev who himself is an enlightened soul. In both the cases it is the mind that is the media. What we are to stress is that mind and only mind is the thing that one has to take care of. It is only the mind that determines what a man is, all his activities being centered round it. Read the min of an individual and you will know him that without an error. It is the mind that makes one weep, laugh and smile. Sometimes one is thoughtful, serious and contemplative. At one moment one teels, melancholic, frustrated, gloomy and dejected (vairagya) as if he has nothing to do with the world(maya). At one moment he is full of hate while the other moment he turns to be a prophet of mercy and angel of charity and kindness. Sometimes he creates and sometimes he destroys. Thus it is the mind that either kills the real human in you to make you a brute or brings out the real wisdom and truth to make a pious “ and holy angel out of you.

Let us take an instance to know how the mind plays. A warrior surrounded by the enemies loses heart and courage and gets nervous. The sword falls. His arms swing. The body trembles with fear. He is about to fall that he hears a loud call of his supporters who have reached the battlefield to his support. His mind changes. Heart becomes normal. He lifts the sword and with a lightening dash starts hitting his enemies. Many of them get killed and the rest of them run away. He wins single handed. Look at the two contrast phases of mind and its game. Thus the need is to change the mind with pulses, attributes and right force.

From times immemorial, the most glorious thing about man is; the growth of his soul, in quest of truth and his material achievements. Human being is an abstract psychic entity where mind is predominant. All his actions are psychogenic and mentally created. At its climax it create the best, the most fascinating, charming, lovely, attractive and appealing. Then it could be anything at poem, an epic, a verse, a dancing or recital performance, a melody, a painting or even architecture.

All our endevours must be directed in manner such that dust of worldly illusions is not allowed to deposit on this mirror (mind), so that it keeps glittering and radiating diving light to do away with the gloomy darkness the world. We have well experienced what happens when a ‘yogi’ or sidh or a mahatma enters an arena. In a moment the whole atmosphere changes. Everyone present gets dyed in the colour of the spirit. The notion of largeness of mind is deeply induced every soul present there. A tide purifying all hearts sways over head. It is also not wrong to say that every particle of the ‘sanctuary’ inhabited by such sages is pious and full of divinity including the environment that envelops it. Thus miraculous are the radiations of an enlightened mind.

Now it is almost established that everything is in the hands of an individual. He is the mind. He is the treasure. He is the master. It is up to him to bring the best out of him. His efforts can be destructive or creative to make him a devil full of anger, lust and hate or to turn him into a prophet of mercy, charity and kindness.

Today we find a lot of disturbances in the society. It is needless to say that it is because our efforts are tilted towards the negative side. We are full of hate for our own brothers. Loot arson and robbery exist as we are far away from realisation of reality. This game of destruction will ruin us completely. The more it goes out of tune and gets disorderly, the longer, it will take to set it right. This gives a setback to the positive efforts of the yogis. Therefore, a strict restraint must be observed and we should not get misguided at any cost. A proper use of intellect and wisdom specifically gifted to us must be made, to make this world a place worth living for humans, a heaven and not a hell.

Mind has a vital role to play. It is the mind that transforms and translates the messages all stimulii, and the vibrations collected by the senses and imparts them a meaning to help various activities and desired functions take place. Thus it is infact the doer, the light. Modern science and technological advances without higher values of human life and mind with its natural feelings and tastes present a dreadful aspect for the world. The glimpses of such mental poverty, we find in the form of wars and conflicts and pilling of atomic weapons set to destroy the mankind. The tense mind crushed and over burdened in today’s life is unable to enjoy it natural feelings of contentment and satisfaction. Feelings of Eternal Bliss and infact the divine powers of mind ensure at the junction where the modern science stops with its limited powers. Real happiness or joy lies in completeness. Incomplete mind is just like an engine without an ignition spark. Then mind becomes a store for superfluous thoughts and worldly powers and not an ‘abode for something still higher, the ‘Real Divine’ as actually it is. Further it should never be allowed to turn mechanical but rather allowed to embrass its innate sublime glory.

Now a question arises as to what should one do? The answer is ‘Nothing’ i.e. to stop what one is doing because it is not worth doing. Surrender yourself to that Almighty or your Sadgurudev. Pray and pray and then rubbish will get out of you.

The Ganges of ‘Yoga’ the real stream of ‘Truth’ will flow out of you and then all your actions will be come divine. They will lead to mutual understanding tolerance, self-restraint, love and affection, Worry not, nor have a fear for the future of the world. Because He is the greatest painter, the Creater, the Master. He will not let his greatest painting (the Creation, the world) get spoiled at any cost. It may seem so as it is passing through a phase of reformation and purification. He is giving touches of different colours   with the brush in his master hand. Be not afraid. Wait till the final picture is complete. You will not believe whether it is the same picture(world) you had once hated to see. But be sure it is the same world with the difference that it is now purified and complete.

We have seen that world exists because of the existence of mind. It has unlimited powers. The inner world of the mind is thousands of times more fascinating and fanciful as compared to the world outside.

Ramlal Mahaprabhu Ji had rightly anticipated that bad times were ahead and only those who took shelter under Yoga would be able to survive the calamities and face the storms bravely. Today we find that only those who don’t believe in any caste, creed and sect but practice of yoga find the life to be smooth. They are not afraid of any body. They are physically, mentally and spiritually more developed and adopt more easily the changing environment. They think more of the divine than of the world. Rather they are proving themselves very useful for the society under the directions of Sadgurudev. Therefore, yoga alone has the ‘Key’ to all problems of the modern world whether they are social, economical or political. it is only force that can bring uniformity and everlasting peace in the society.

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