Miracle of The Divine Name

By on June 11, 2016
Miracle of The Divine Name

Symbol of His Mercy after washing (consuming) all our sins and accumulation of kind deeds, becomes visible when by chance we come face to face a spiritual guide(Sadgurudev) deputed by the Divine(Lord) Himself for the holy purpose of helping His devotees. The striver bows, prostrates and surrenders himself in the holy feel of his Master and the life becomes meaningful to him. By this contact he is transformed in to pure gold. The nature unveils and unearths itself and all secrets become known to him. He becomes more susceptible and tuned to the Divine Consciousness.

We have seen that reciting Lornd ames (japa) may seen to the fruitless in the beginning because of certain enemies(hurdles) in the form of illusion(Maya) and greediness etc. But in the due course the striver gets tuned, gets purified, acquires a rhythm in every aspect of life and achieves a permanent connection with super-soul(meditation Samadhi). This eats up all worldly infatuations(luts, anger, greediness, vanity etc.) and gives eternal peace to the striver. With the increase of love and enthusiasm the flow of Divine mercy, thought and waves become spontaneous and effortless. The human life is priceless and so not even a single moment should be wasted. Divine name is priceless like a jewel and we should not run after worldly attractions that are just like shells. We must remember that during this process of transformation worldly duties(Karma) are not to be given up, rather they are to be considered as Divine duties and performed with great care honesty and purity. All shortcomings gone for everyone becomes a bundle of qualities and so life become more worthful and worthliving.

If his all in the blessedness of the Divine name. Recitation of Divine name is the sacred heaven tree(Kalpavriksha) for the mankind So, we pray to the Almighty to grant us shelter under this benign tree.

“O Lord! Thy name is the only true thing in the universe.”

When there is the fruit of trees easily obtainable at will in every forest, when there is cool refreshing drink in holy sheams from place to place and soft bad made of tender twigs and creepers, still (alast) man aggrieved with lucre undergo sorrows at the doors of the rich.

                                                                           (Vairagya Satakam S. 27)

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