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By on August 20, 2016
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Ego is born out of   ignorance. ‘I’ and ‘ Mine’ my house, my wealth, my bearing , my possessions, etc. this attitude that prompts one to say such things, comes out of ignorance. Whenever one asserts the little ego-‘I’ one assumes the unending role of an ever-active agent responsible for one’s actions and is caught into the intricate net of transformation. Thus sin is nothing but action done with ego-sense. Ego is the cause of all evils. One might ask why did then God create ego in man? But then, God has also blessed the man with discriminative intellect to distinguish between good and evil, a saint and devil.

It surpasses one’s comprehension how a man be proud of anything. Man is so insignificant in the scheme of things that he is absolutely nothing when viewed against Lord’s Glory, His Greatness, Omnipotence and omnipresence. One must, therefore, constantly remember God. His infinite Nature. His all powerful Existence, to realize the insignificance of one’s being, and thus get rid oneself of the ego.

In order to get rid of the ego. one has to attain the knowledge and self-realization. Thus, however, is no many task, One can only approach the state of ‘Jnana’ step by step. As a first step, one must cultivate humanity, which , in its own place, is one of the greatest virtues. Humble people are very dear to God. Saints are the embodiments of humanity. They are free from pride, free from the thought that they are something big. They are humble, pure, childlike, and it is in their company that virtues of humility are revealed to us. Humility is the heart-conqueror . It always wins love and respect. Humility paves the way to knowledge, promotes self-analysis. Which reveals that the entire universe is the manifestation of the Supreme Divine spirit, which is to be realized within. The same idea was pronounced by Lord Krishna when He said, everyone is Vasudeva.” This realization I ads one into a superior state of ‘Even-mindedness.” Being established in this state will not have the least trace of egoism. One shall feel oneself one with all the existence, all the beings, all the creation.

The ego lies like thick a stick across the ocean of ‘Sachidananda.’ When this thick stick is taken away there only remains one undivided ocean of Sachidananda. But as long as this stick remains there is an appearance of two. On attaining the knowledge, one is established in Samadhi, Silence decends upon such a striver. Then the ‘I’ dissolves in the ocean of Existence, knowledge and bliss and he becomes one with that ‘Satchitananda.’

Thus the humanity, self-realization, the knowledge of God & devotion to God help control the mind and its ego and render it free from Lower desires and attain that tranquility which is born of union and oneness with Universal spirit, full of piece, power, light and joy. Attainment of such a dignified state is , however, no easy task, There is no university of school which dispenses this knowledge to a man. This can be achieved only by the blessings and grace of Sadgurudeva.

Sadguru is the Supreme liberator of the soul. As long as we have not surrendered ourselves as the Lotus Feet of Sadguru, there is no hope of our being liberated from the letters of ignorance-the root cause of our ego. Visit to the temples, study of scriptures or pilgrimages to holy places cannot help us di spel the ignorance enveloping us. We must seek the blessings of Sadguru to be free from ego. He alone can dispel the darkness prevailing around the soul and bring light into our hearts Sadguru is complete and perfect The motion of “I know ‘ and ‘ I do not know’ has been transcended by Him. He is the manifestation of Almightly God He alone can grant us liberation by helping get rid of the ego. If we

aspire to love God’s vision. He appears before us in the form of Sadguru. How Sadguru liberates, purifies our ego-sense and grants us the highest beautitude even to the worst or vilest sinners is a wonder of wonders.

Let us , therefore surrender ourselves at the Lotus Feet of our Sadgurudeva. He alone is competent to free us completely from the ego-sense and guide us to the everlasting tranaquility existing in the ocean of perfect Existence, Knowledge and Bliss Sachidananda.

Unless and until you merge yourself In love for Sadguru and faith in Him You cannot gain his blessing if, You do not give up the egoism.”

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    Faith and only Faith all is well

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