Sadgurudev a “the true liberator of mankind”

By on July 11, 2015

The common man today is a victim of circumstances. He has been enslaved buy the worldly bondages of material gains and sensual pleasures so much so that he is apparently blind and unable to perceive the glimpse of real Truth. He feels delighted with the trivial gains of matter and money, But since they are temporary, the worries anxieties and miseries surround him soon after. There being no end to his lust the cruel burning fire makes him helpless and he gets bewildered and finds him helpless and he get bewildered and find him no where. When such a pitiable situation arises, then only he finds a moment to look within to know the ‘Real Self’ and desires someone to appear on the scene to liberate him from all such bondages and help him become Free. (and Sadgurudeva is only one who rushes to rescue and liberate the individual).

The above account asserts that the man remembers Him (Almighty) only, when he is in deep trouble and faces acute physical and mental suffering that shake him totally from within . But it is not true. Every one of us though perfectly contented with all material gains, feels at one moment or the other, on personnel analysis and introspection that something is lacking. We hear a call from within to liberate the self and his becomes all the more prominent to acquire the form of a ‘cry’ from one, enslaved, imprisoned, possessing a deep desire for perfect eternal Freedom. This effect is more pronounced in moments of perfect solitude. It is then only that ‘Sadgurudeva’ who is already in perfect tune with the ‘Super Soul’ (Almighty) comes to help the individual soul to achieve its sacred object, the attainment of perfect Freedom(mukti), the merger of one into the Super One.

Thus the ‘Sadgurudev’ is the only true friend and well wisher of man in the real sense and no one else. The ignorant worldly individual don’t understand that ‘He’ for the welfare liberates them from the chains of illusion to make them steadiest in the path of ‘soul emancipation’.

The critical moments when an individual is at the death bed are decisive to discriminate between the ‘Real’ friends and the Real foes. The elucive objects of words and his inmates whom he always thought to be real friends, cease to be with him. They are helpless and are of no advantage to make the individual free from cycle of ‘Rebirth’.

His worldly actions and deeds are accumulated in the Heaven and as a consequence he is again to fall a victim to death(Kaal) and illusion (Maya). It is at these moments that Sadgurudeva (the Super Soul in form) becomes his real saviour from the painful bondage.

All men of wisdom and great Masters have declared that worldly infatuations result in the vicious cycle of births and death’s and one’s keen love and devotion unto the paints (Eluded Souls) leads one to the ‘Abode of Truth’(SatLok or Moksha). We may boast of the devotion and surrender in the Lotus feet of our Sadgurudeva in the open public, but the reality might be different, because the total surrender is not so an easy achievement. It becomes ample clear from our actions and deeds of day to day life that we love most our wealth and belonging and inmates. We should give a serious thought with the faculty of high understandings and discrimination and keen consciousness to evade this gloomy situation and keep eliminate our drawbacks, that prove a hurdle to deprive us to Eternal peace, Eternal Joy and Eternal Bliss.

We must yield and surrender into including our desire and thus leave desiring for worldly games, for otherwise our unfilled desires, attachments will continue in the coming births as a law of nature which manages at suitable times for the fulfillment of one’s prominent desires. The process of transmigration i.e. passing through numerous bodies which serves for their fulfillment gets longer and longer with the number and keenness for these desires.

The persistence of yearning for sensual desires and bodily enjoyment serves as the chief enemy and the man is deceived by them. The cause of misery one should never expect peace and happiness from all such things and must remain vigilant from the danger of falling down.

Thus the valuable time of human birth should not be let slipped away in ignorance and misunderstanding. The disciples of Sadgurudeva should invariably keep attached with him in deep concentration and meditation and remain absorbed in him to keep away all sorts of risks and dangers in the life. This will make their lives ‘Fearless’, Free and full of divinity.

O’ men of the world give up your desire and surrender in the Lotus Feet of Sadgurudeva to become free and Blissful and give him your charge to act for you and become ‘Guide’ for your well being.

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