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By on August 24, 2015

Since time immemorial the biological and anatomical functions of the human body, except with a little variation in aptitude test that too, because of the climatic conditions age, diet and sex etc. have not changed. But the basic concept of a sound body with a sound mind all the times been considered to be an essential requisite for a smooth living. From time to time this requirement gave vent to necessity of a detailed research of the biological functioning of the human body. In the present age, too, this is going on all over the world.

Likewise in the past era thousands years back, the credit of such a research on human body, mind and soul goes to our Rishis and sages. They outlined a simple and practical unique system of Yoga. This system covers all the requirements of sound health. It is a system of psychotherapy evolved over a few thousand years and successfully practised ever since with amazing results. It is a fact that brokes no arguments as it is a science of within and if applied systematically, proves preventive as well as curative for mental ills and bodily ailments of the mankind therefore, it requires a thoughtful consideration.

The present age, in particular is of a prontal unrest and nervous tension which is reflected in the shape of mental ills and various diseases of the body like hypertension, insomnia, nervous weakness, gastric troubles with some abnormal functioning of the heart culminating in heart troubles.

The effect of mind on health is also elaborated in ‘Yoga System of Health’ as under. Hack-Tuke is his classical work on the subject gives us figures in respect of the power of the mind on the body stating that 36% of the effects on n vascular system comes from the intellect. 56% on glands and organs of the body comes from the emotions and 8% on the so called voluntary muscles come from the will. Yoga is a science, confident in its knowledge that no mechanical system could adjust itself to the constantly changing environments of the body unless there were flexible centres such as the mind of control.

This is confirmed by Prof. Glousten’s statement to the Royal Medical Society in 1896 that the mental aspect is a factor for good or evil in any disease. The psycho and yoga therapists endeavour in their own way to relieve this tension. Relaxation of the mind is super-imposed enabling it to work harmoniously and in a orderly fashion.

Yoga stimulates all the abdominal muscles, the spine and the lungs, thus builds stamina. Doctors studying old age is Prague found that old age is caused by the deterioration of some parts of the body and by experiment, it was proved that Yoga exercises keep those parts healthy and supple for a longer time.

In a yoga system particular attention has been paid to the brain and the spinal cord, observing these to be two main centres of whole Nervous system. The functions of the nerves in the body cannot be ignored. The fact is corroborated with the experience of Dr. G. E. Hall of Toronto. He explains that is stimulated nerve fibere oozes a secretion called acetylcholine which in excess is poisonous and has further proved by experiment that it creates ulcerated stomach and some diseases of the heat as well. Anger which is a strong emotion sends it message from the brain down the nerves and stimulates the nerves endings in discharge of acetylcholine in excess. This poisons the body and the result of anger is low spirit and misery.

Yogeshwar Ram Lal Ji Maharaj revived the unique Divine Yoga System in a scientific and simplified way. He determined the Yoga system to the requirement of various diseases just as net (Sutraneti, Jalneti, Dugdhaneti and Gajkarni), in connection with the diseases of eyes, ears, nose, throat and chest, (2) Brahmdatun (Kunjal Kriya) for diseases like arthritis, (3) Dhauti Kriya as regards to the impurity of blood, Bronchitic troubles and Asthma etc. (4) Neoli for abdominal disorders, (5) Basti and Shankha Prakashan regarding abnormality of intestines and diseases thereof. Apart thereof, his research of Jeewan Tatwa said to be ‘Kaya Kalpa’ that causes a revolutionary change in the body his widely been accepted in the form of simple yogic and scientific exercises yielding miraculous results. Likewise Pranayama prescribed with other Yoga system proves panacea to a couple of serious diseases. He explored that deficiency of vitamins and minerals can be met with the use of (in a required quantity) raw vegetables and gram-pulses etc.

In short, Yoga is thus a basic scientific knowledge, a specialized system suited to all conditions and environments but needs to be practised under the supervision of a self-illuminated Yogacharya.

Every Yoga exercise, therefore, need not be termed as a Yoga for everybody Yoga constitutes of Yogic exercises, Yogic Kriyas, Yogmudras, Pranayama and a knowledge of their application in a prescriptive manner. A perfection over the yogic system will be with the concentration of mind.

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