Spiritualism & Surrender

By on August 20, 2015
Spiritualism & Surrender

The surrender out of love and faith is the best from the surrender . Love can be two types, temporal and spiritual. Temporal love is generally actusted by selfish motives and is, therefore, short lived. It lasts so long as the selfish motive is satisfied. Spiritual love is selfless, pure and immortal. Spiritual love relates to the domain of spirit and is stimulated by the noblest sentiments. It is the highest form of love where the sentiments arise from the deepest recesses of one’s heart and belong to the highest plain. It is the love with the Supreme Spirit, that is , Param Atma. Such as love emanates for jnana or knowledge acquired in the company or ‘Sang’ or ‘Sat’ is immortal which is attribute of ‘Param Atma’. Satsang, therefore, means the company in which the participants think and talk about Atma and Param Atma and try to realize both of them. Jnana or knowledge, is the power, which on one side helps in discriminating what is spiritual and on the other in knowing the spirit and the Supreme Spirit. The company, where such knowledge is available, is the company of the saints.

The company of saints not only provides the right knowledge and stimulates the sentiments of spiritual love, but also generates wonderful confidence or faith. Besides love, faith is most powerful phenomenon. It has been correctly said that faith moves mountains. It is superior to intellect. The faith is both enlightened and inborn., The enlightened faith arises out of knowledge, where as inborn faith is born out of Samskaras. The greater the faith the greater is the attachment and dependence. Full faith leads to full attachment which results is complete surrender.

A question arises as to for whom a seeker develops like type of love and faith? Naturally Param Atma is the first choice. But He cannot be seen with one’s physical eyes nor one can talk to Him face to face.

All the schools of spiritual thoughts believe in Gurudom. Sadgurudeva the very embodiment of Divine powers. Himself is the manifestation of God. A devotee therefore, should surrender himself completely to Sadguru.

It is Sadgurudeva alone, who is the supreme liberator of the soul. The disciple must seek his blessings, His refuge and His dependence with complete faith and love.

Let the surrender, therefore, be at the Lotus Feet of Sadgurudeva as He alone is competent to free us completely from the Sanchit Karmas, Prarabdh and Samskaras and guide us to the everlasting tranquility existing in the ocean of Perfect Existence, knowledge and Bliss.

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