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By on January 4, 2016
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Crowds and quarrels are a common thing to seen on the roads, in the buses and everywhere. Generally we find neighbours and persons working together and other people, getting excited for no serious reasons, on tribal matters. It appears that everyone in the world of today is full of excitement, tension, anger and jealousy. They are in no way less than explosives and need a spark to explode. Tolerance, bearance and patience have become things of past and are no where to be seen. People work round the clock in big cities, like machines, with furious, agitated and strained minds and frowning faces, for want of happiness and mental satisfaction. But they are helpless with no alternative and way out except to work and earn their livelihood, in the manner, the prevalling social structure permits them. It is very rare to see a man with serene outlook, a composed calm face and divine radiance. They are mere destitute and lead a life devoid of yoga. What the modern world, a world of machines, has given to the mankind? It has transformed the human beings into machines, will be the answer beyond any doubt or hesitation. It seems to have snatched many times more than what it has contributed towards so called prosperity. Stresses and strains in the present life have not only crushed the sentiments, emotions and natural feelings of the individuals but have caused a great damage to the brains decreasing the span of their lives, as they fall an easy victims to various untimely diseases and disorders.

It has been proved that a man full of griefs, worries and anxities and consuming a food devoid of nutritive values develops wounds in stomach and intestines. They lose their power of absorption and grow sluggish. Appetite disappears, causing a decay in physical health. Whole metabolism is disturbed. Digestive system fails. Gas, hypertension, Blood Pressure become permanent features. Time goes on consuming the individual. All this dominates and overtakes the mental factulties which in turn cause a further deterioration of all physical systems clearing a way for a total collapse. This state of affairs affects the functioning of heart and the brain and the individual not knowing as to what is happening to him gets gripped in the clutches of an unexpressible mysterious fear. This state of mind when continues for some time without proper attention and right treatment results in total nervous break down and leads to insanity.

Heredity and environment play on important role in the life of an individual. He is an embodiment of what he has borrowed from the two. Apart from the affects of rapid industrialisation, unemployment or poverty one may suffer from dual mindedness, suspection and confusion over the modern trends and changing social values. He may develop a deep anguish or hatred for some one showing indifferent behavior due to meanness and one’s selfish nature. We find that love, joy, self sacrifice, kindness and truthfulness are fast disappearing from this world. People do not understand the real meaning of religion. They are miles away from yoga and its secrets. They don’t realise that love, joy, hatred and sorrow etc. and all present everywhere in everyone and their behaving and looking at others with kindness, love and affection and benevolence will arous similar feeling in others and that through positive thinking and doing virtues can be cultivated to make this world happy and worth living. But reality is just the reverse and as a result we find people living in a dead life with broken hearts, hurt feelings and earnest desires and passions and burning ambitions remaining unsatisfied and suppressed and buried for ever. Some times sudden losses, shock, accidents and unexpected fears & feeling of insecurity also prove to be reasons for a deranged mind. In such cases the weakest of the bodily systems collapses due to excessive nerve pressure and degeneration of others also follows, Sleeplessness and restlessness prevail and harm all the more. The darkness spreads when fuse wire gets fused. So it the condition of body when brain loses its power. The mind becomes desperate and sees the end of life very near and out of fear it cries out showing uncontrolled abnormal behaviour.

Thus the complexities and problems of life and a failure to solve them makes one feel disgusted, frustrated and unstable. It is this instability of mind which when persists develops into insanity in due course of time. This insanity can be considered to be a revolt, a reflection of what the individual gets from the society. One may question that the mental disorders causing one to act against the social and legal demands of society is due to one’s own personal reasons and disturbances in the family or small circle of alliances or acquaintances. But because they are also a part of bigger circle the ultimate responsibility lies on the whole set up. As we find that victims of injustice and those tortured by the society generally turn out to be unlawful and become robbers and dacoits.

Any how our motto is not to see all that but confine ourselves to prevalent causes for such disorders and that how yoga can be great help to eradicate them for ever. All of us know that yoga can confer tremendous super human power on one hand and on the other hand it can best explain the relations between body and mind and saves the sufferers from fatal results.

It will be seen from the following account that yoga cares more for brain and the nervous system as they occupy a very important position in the mechanism of the life and mind. It is to be observed that brain and nervous system cannot easily convey abnormal or supernormal feelings and ideas to the mind that are contrary to predominant mental traits & tendencies and Samskars. If forced and compelled they may obey reluctantly for a time but they will at last give way completely and the results of physical and mental will be disastrous. Thus one has to be very careful in those matters because even a tiny screw in the brain getting lose may create havoc. It is horrible when the nerves are disturbed as diseased or when they are over at rained, life becomes miserable. It seems dreaty, joyless and aimless. at a standstill and death seems to be only relief.

It is at such a time that an expert teacher, a competent spiritual guide (Sadgurudev) with an insight can save an individual. Efforts and ideas from others upto the level of consciousness may run riot in the mind and due to feeble self control may hardly be restrained. Generally there is no come back from such a stage when curing fails, medicines give a temporary relief and impulses from the deranged mind reappear, indicating the end of life inevitable for no escape from all pervading darkness. Sadgurudev, out of mercy grants him complete protection(Abhyadan) during his very first contact, the first touch of blessings and absolutely free from   all   pains and griefs and it   safe forever. This develops a new confidence in the patient and he sheds all fear the very moment.

Insanity generally descends from ‘Ignorance’ , as one has a limited vision and a narrow outlook towards life. He is ignorant about right and wrongs and real values of life and the absolute truth , Sadgurudev makes him feel that what he thought of gaining in life was meaningless and it was all illusory. Thus realization serves as the best cure for insanity and the individual is comforted to the extent he realizes the truth.

The process and the grace of Sadgurudev does not stop here. It is just a beginning He, as a great psychiartrist, has a deep insight and clearly sees into the mind of the sufferer and with a perfect understanding he is set every screw tight in the brain and shower his benevolence to bring eternal calm and tranquility in the individual. The treatment given is many fold in character and carried out with a great delicacy in a very systematic manner.

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  1. Karuna

    October 16, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    Very well explained. All of us are going through the same life styles. It’s true. A Sadguru can only see and know our mind , understand about us and show us the right path.

    • Karik

      January 31, 2017 at 6:21 pm

      Thanks for helping me to see things in a diefrfent light.

  2. Satch

    January 31, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    And I was just worinedng about that too!

  3. cours de theatre paris

    June 2, 2017 at 3:42 am

    Im grateful for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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