Yoga Secure of Ease and Saviour From Disease

By on August 18, 2015

“The yogi is greater than body-disciplining ascetics, greater even than the followers of the ‘jnana’ or of the path of ‘Karma’-Gita(VI-46)

In a world ridden in strife, charged with tension, releasing not ease but stresses and strains and prone to emotional imbalance. YOGA alone in the panacea for the ills in the tangle of which man is lost drifting in darkness. In the name of civilization, man embraced materialism and reduced himself to the level of a tool of the machine. The real values of life are set at naught in effect and he is in eternal hurry to grab what he does’nt need and contened to remain complacent to ignore what he really needs. In the words of a saint, a ‘rishi’ hides in every sinner and the course of meditation and ‘Yoga’ helps elevate him to the ennobled level of righteousness.

‘YOGA’ helps in self-realization and it should be learnt through a master. It is identified with seeking truth irrespective of religious affiliation beyond the barriers of race, creed and sect. The laws of life which each of us needs to know are enshrined in ‘Yoga’ for our physical, mental and spiritual welfare, practical wisdom, illumination of mind and communion with the Supreme Non-self , the all- pervasive of aid, solace and strength. As for instance, ‘Kriya Yoga’ , the ancient science of God-realisation in the spiritual land of India is looked upon as the greatest benefactor of mankind with the avowed aim of relating the higher purpose of life, elevating man from the limited mortal consciousness into God-consciousness creating a climate of complete harmony between Nature and human nature. Man urgently needs liberation from the three-fold mire-physical disease,mental disharmony and spiritual ignorance. He could trust the efficacy of Yoga therapy for his multi-dimensional maladies and overcome evil, sorrow, suffering, ignorance and attain synthesis between science and spirituality for enriching his modes of life and leading the less privileged on the path of enlightenment.

Importance of Master in Yoga: As in the words of Kabir, everything learnt without the guidance of a master is a waste for it is essential for the pupil to surrender his ego at the feet of his teacher to seek his blessing for the realization of self and thereafter the Non-self i.e., the Supreme Godhood. The pupil is ordained to look upon his teacher as Creator and Promoter and the moulder of the destiny. The Master will eventually take care of not only his true disciple but also of his entire family. The only fee he charges for it is ‘faith’ and ‘shraddha’(sincerity). There have been great Masters of this order in the ancient times like Agastya, Pulasya etc., and in the recent past. Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Ji Bhagwan, Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev and his disciple Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj had rendered yeoman service for relieving millions of devotees of their physical suffering, mental anguish and spiritual improveris-hment. While the Fountainheads and Supreme Sources of inspiration for Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj, Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan, Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Bhagwan & Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev continue to influence the course of Yoga as astral beings from above. Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj has been energetically demonstrating the efficacy of Yoga and propagating its importance throughout the country, setting up Yoga Ashrams in the North and South of India, conducting Yoga, Meditation, Training and Treatment Camps.

Under the unique disciplined guidance, the mission of Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan, Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Bhagwan & Yogeshwar DeviDayal Ji Mahadev is extending its area of influence and services in Yoga through the tireless efforts of Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj. The ‘Pradhan Yogacharya/Fourth Guru Gaddi’ is serving the people in a two-fold path of training Yoga seekers and writing books on this ancient Science for integrated life. His stream of divine blessings is open to all regardless of class, create, creed or religion. His avowed interest lay in popularizing the Yoga Kriyas for curing the physical and mental maladies of innumerable masses. Some of the salient features of Swami Surender Dev Ji’s mission are initiation and Spiritual guidance to Yoga aspirants, treatment through Yoga Sadhana of chronic diseases, mental disorders, sinus, Chronic colds. Cervical Spondylitis, Sciatics, Gastric trouble, Blood Pressure, Diabetes and even deadly diseases like Cancer etc. He also gives guidance for figurette, increase in height reduction in weight and retentive power, improve eye sight, guides the course of Yoga exercises for vitality, strengthening of liver, spleen, pancreas, intestines, heart, lungs and mind. All the course of the Yoga Treatment of Swami Devi Dayal Ji is a simple but most effective. It includes meditation, Pranayama besides ‘Kriyas’. He does not believe in miracles but there have been many instances of miracle-cures through his benign grace to a number of his devotees. His teachings and treatment are quite inexpensive but invaluable.

Yogic Processes: The Yogic processes in the said treatment invariably include Sutra Neti, Jal Kriya, Jalpaan(taking water through nostrils), Gajkarni(Elephantic Process) for treating and trimming the vital and subtle parts external and internal of the most important part of man’s body, the head. Then under the ‘Kaya Kalpa’ and treatment of body Naadi Taan, Shushka Neoli, Pag Chalan, Naabhi Chalan, Antra Chaalan, Bal-Muchalan, Naadi Sanchalan(limb and bodily movements and exercises) are prescribed for various disorders. There are dietic prescriptions for diseases like impotency, obestity unnatural nocturnal emissions, diabetes, pyorrhoes urination in excess, sticking sweat, spots on the face, chancer-eczema, jaundice, leucorrhoea etc.

The common Yogic postures Swami advises as useful for people of different age groups are Padmasan(cross-legged posture), Siddhasan, Yoga Mudrasan, Simhasan, Ardha Matsyendrasan, Mahamudrasan, Paschimottanasan, Sarpasan, Shalabhasan, Naukasan, Mayurasan, Pawanmuktasan, etc, some of them for certain specific disorders and ailments. There is Roller cure for backaches. Some more Yogic postures are Katibaddhasan Matsyasan, Dhanurasan, Chakrasan, Mahavirasan, Halasan; Sarvangasan, Vrikshasan, Shrishasan and the most important of all shavasan. The Pranayama variations –Purak, Kumbhak, Rechak, Sheetali, Seetkari, Bharmari, Bhastrika, Ujjai, Moorchha, Surya Bhedi, Chandra Bhedi, Plavini are taught to the Yoga-Spiritual Aspirants. Swami Ji insists on the inevitability of a true Master for Yog Sadhana for the steady and proper progresss of the seeker in the path of Yoga.

As Yogeshwar MulakhRaj Bhagwan in the course of his Yoga pilgrimage visited Andhra Pradesh as early as in 1945 and Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev made available the precious benefits of Yogic courses through the message, initiation and treatment to millions of people through Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj who has been visiting many parts of the South of India besides his long sojourn in the North. His last Yoga Meditation Training and Treatment Camp at Vijayawada January 2015 benefited innumerable aspirants and many who sought his Yogic touch and yogified cure returned with tangible results. Swami Ji is once again visiting the Andhra districts of Guntur and Krishna and conducting Yoga camps in their chief town of Guntur. It will be an understatement if it is said that Swami Surender Dev Ji’s mission and crusade against human suffering-physical, mental, moral and indifference towards spirituality is bound to succeed with a bang if the present tendency of the majority of people is any guidance.

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