Yoga & Universal Mind

By on August 19, 2015
Yoga & Universal Mind

A miraculous achievement of the modern scientists is the use of computer for the welfare of mankind and for further technological advances. But the human mind, the wonder of wonders, the biggest computer in the universe, depicting its true image and containing infinite data from the times immemorial when the universe came into existence, still continues to be a mystery to the world scientists. It has not yet been completely explored. What is the real constitution? How does it function? In what manner the subtle action in the mind is produced? What is the relation between mind and soul? In what way the millions of nerves arranged to create desired effects and finally what happens to mind after death whether it continues to exist or perishes ? If it perishes then how is that the soul carries all the impressions of the previous birth to from a basis of the next birth according to the ‘Karam-Phal ’ theory which states that the deeds of your past birth yield fruits in the present birth. The proverb “As you sow, so shall you reep” is correct in the sense that the actions, works and deeds that an individual does with an intention or without intention definitely lead him to reactions, fruits, and results that are bound and are definite and estimated and well expected just as two or more known chemicals called reactants yield when allowed to react, two or more products or resultants already expected through scientific knowledge and established facts. But if an unknown substance (factor) takes part the products cannot be forecast. Similarly, the factors involved the ‘Karma’(deeds) of man are so great in number that the results cannot be calculated exactly. Out of millions of us living on Earth no two are alike. We call it ‘charisma’ the miracle or magic of the Creator. No doubt it is but atleast it can be understood that we have eyes, ears, nose, teeth , bones etc. Thousands of factors taking part in the formation of an individual and a slight factor differing slighty produces millions of altogether different permutations ‘thereby creating different individuals. Similarities do occur owing to very slight variations of such factors.

Millions of forces, factors, aspects exist in the environment and so the aggregate of all these together with the ‘Karma’ (deeds) of the individual determine that the fruit of action. For rough calculation and knowing in approximately as common judgement the effect of outside agencies the environmental factors is neglected and ignored. This is how the life in the world goes, after simplifying the complex problem.

Coming again to the point we conclude that things become so complex that they go beyond our control. But that does not mean that we would have ourselves at the mercy of the ‘fate’ or ‘chance’ and indulge in whatever comes in the way in the same manner as a straw, dust particle or a cloud is drifted aimlessly by an air current. Great Yogis, through deep contemplation and tapas(penance) and learning and experiences studied very minutely the attributes of the universal mind and then laid down certain principles, certain rules and regulations to serve the mankind and make the lives of the coming generations more and more simple and disciplined. It was stressed that if the individuals in the society observed these guidelines they would keep away from calamities and catastrophes. Their observance will lead them to salvation and transform them into super humans. People from one generation to another and then their descendents stuck to those landmarks, for footprints of their worthy forefathers for fear of getting doomed if they astrayed. They called it ‘Religion’. Religion of religion s i.e. the essence of all existing religions or doctrines was known as Yoga. It dealt with an all round development in body, mind and spirit. It aimed at perfection. At the climax the individual realised the self and became one with the Alimighty God as the same transforms into super soul and mind grows into universal mind.

Change in the law of nature. Kaal(Time) a big factor in it plays an important role. The small variations in successive generations cause big changes and deteriorate the existing orderly systems. That causes havoc. The society decays. The common man cannot venture to correct or use his wisdom to restore the equilibrium and so from time to time Apostles, God incarnations, Great Yogis appear on the planet for resurrection and renovation of mankind. They infuse ‘Yoga’ into the lives of people. The old scriptures confirm that Lord Shiva was the first and foremost to induce Yoga in the universe. Lord Brahma is also accredited with the huge task of its propagation. Bhagwan Patanjali is the great name in the field of yoga. He is famous for the authenticity and orderly formulation of various systems of yoga popular in those days in his masterpiece ‘Yog Darshan’, a totally uncontroversial work as yoga. After Lord Shiva and before Bhagwan Patanjali we find the names of Bhagwan Rishabhadev, Yogi Yogwakaya and Shri Shulkdev Muni in the old scriptures. The various ‘rishis’ of Upnishand’s’ Balmiki, Vashisth and Maharishi Ved Vyas were all perfec yogis. We find yoga associated with the names of 23rd and 24th Tirathankar of Jainism Bhagwan Parshavnath and Bhagwan Mahavir and also Gautam Budha, the founder of propagator of ‘Budhism’. Another great yogi Maharashi Kapil is described in the time even before Ramayan and Mahabharat. Then came Lord Krishna who in his dialogue with great warrier ‘Arjuna gave the utmost utility and practicability of Yoga for the mankind. The theory propounded by Him we find in the best acclaimed work on ‘yoga’ in the famous ‘Gita’ which is above religions and is meant for all.

As mentioned before, Yoga, known as a Mysterious secret knowledge disappeared from time to time. Those who knew, transferred it from bosom to bosom to their very close, devotees making it all the more rare. For fear of its reaching the wrong hands the sages and saints kept it confined to the deep forests with the result the masses suffered a great set-back in their lives. The life became so misereable that it seemed as if dreadful, disastrous moments of ‘Kalyug’ were on the threshold. It was at this time that the most famous Divine personality of modern time, the resurrector of Yoga, Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan came in the world, Yoga was made popular and available to the common man. Diseases and disorders cropped up as a result of pollution, adulteration and unscientific living were checked wherever he went with his noble mission of spreading Yoga, the science of spirit. it was 1940 when his immediate Successor Yogeshwar MulakhRaj Bhagwan with all His Divine powers took the responsibility and to turn shifted it to his most competent disciple Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev by transmitting all the Yogic Powers in him. It was 1998 when His Holiness made Swami Surender Dev Ji Maharaj is due to the gigantic task and tireless work of Swami ji that we find yoga centres established in every nook and corner of the country. Yoga has become a word never so known in its history as described above. Work is just in progress and the times are not far away when the whole world will come in its grip. As said before it is the most scientific art of living and thus concerns all in the world and so is above all religious. Irrespective of caste, creed and colour it can be practiced by any one for an alround development of body, mind and spirit. Millions of lost cases have made their lives purposeful and meaningful through Yoga. It not only removes diseases and disorders but gives a right direction to one’s living and life. All top scientists of the world, with one voice have acclaimed its utility.

We call ourselves the sons of mother ‘India’, which is an area on the map of the world and thus a part of the planet we live Our earth is under a direct influence of solar system comprising of various planets and other heavenly bodies. The universe consists of infinite number of such systems. The air that we breathe is that which surrounds the ‘Earth’. The Either that envelops us is present very where in the cosmos. The heat and light that give us life come from the sun, of which the planet ‘Earth’ is assumed to have detached during the very early stages of ‘Solar System make up’. The whole universe is said to have come into existence as a result of a ‘mystic sound’, that the yogis still perceive in their meditation and Ecstacy. The magnetic and electrical flux form an umbrella in the cosmos rendering a magnetic character on the Earth which ultimately works as a cause for generation of ‘Electric Power’. The infinite atomic energy is stored up in every atom of the matter present in the universe. As machines function at the instance of various energies that make them work our own activities come up as a result of nervous currents running in the circuit called ‘nervous system’ of our body. Thus we find that nothing is isolated in the Universe. Every tiny particle or creature is exposed to the influence of constellation, the group of stars that constitutes a particular disposition of the planets, supposed to affect the course of human life or character, our mind and the nervous system just as a computer and a power station contains all the above data authenticated with the fact that we think and perceive it very distinctly. Even our imaginations are all a part of reality that exists some where in the universe. Thus we understand that however small or inadequate might be the effect of remote agencies of the universe but exist. Our power of perception, the acuteness of our senses also matters, just in their power of catching vividly the signals from the atmosphere. Thus our actions are not ours nor they are at any cost at our will as they are predetermined as a resultant of all the forces acting in the system. Exact forecasts of births; deaths, fate in the millions and millions of horoscopes in ‘Bhrigu Samhita’ and other works is a proof of what has been said above. The aggregate, the sum totals of all these infinite individual minds of computers from whole of the universe is beyond doubt a ‘universal mind’. The concept of universal mind becomes all the more clear when a yogi enlarges vastly and realizes the super Soul the ‘Brahma’ the Creator of the universe the Universal Mind.

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