Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Bhagwan

Yogeshwar Mulakhra Bhagwan

In his search of Yogeshwar, Mulakh Raj Ji met Mahaprabhu ji and became his devotee. Known for his spiritual miracles, Mulakh ji was able to perform every possible activity in the state of meditation. From 1938, he led the organization as second Guru Gaddi and empowered us all with a new view towards Yoga.

Yogeshwar Mulakhra Bhagwan command on meditation and concentration kriyas made our organization the pioneer of Yog World during his era. In 1951, he declared the third Guru as Yogeshwar DeviDayal Mahadev as the third Guru and his successor. Till 1960, he kept working to teach the Yogic exercise and practices to the world, in order to accomplish his sole dream of making yoga a world-wide phenomenon.


Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Bhagwan was born on the auspicious day of Sankranti of Magh month of the Vikram Samvat 1955 at village Dilerpur in tehsil Batala of dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab. His father was Lala Devi Dass ji and mother Ratna Devi. In the year 1956 lala devi dass Ji shifted his business to Amritsar. Here in the twentieth year of His life Shri Mulakha Raj Ji got married to Mohan Karu D/o of Lala Janda Ram, resident of village jagdev of Amritsar.

He pursued understanding of the unknown cause of birth and death by approaching and inquiring from saints and Mahatmas. From childhood he had practiced renunciation (“Vairagya” ) as he gave up playing and pleasures at his early age. He seriously set out to find a Yogeshwar, who would guide him in his pursuit to find God. Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwa, the great yogi, the Lord of the Lords, met him. The following incident of death of his aunt deeply touched him.

Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Bhagwan was moved at the age of eight with the death of his aunt. Even while leading a domestic life, he was always in search of a “True Guru”.There was a great hue and cry in the house and the boy aged 8 years was wonder struck by the prevailing depressive atmosphere. What is it? Why is everybody crying? He asked. Your aunt has expired, was the reply. Where has she gone? He inquired further. To the almighty. Curiously he probed, but where is the Almighty? In response he was told : one can meet Him by the blessings and company of the saints and sadhus. From this incident the boy grew disenchanted with the worldly life and was always absorbed in the thoughts of almighty. Whenever and wherever he came across some sadhu or a saint, he requested him to help him meet the almighty. Such was the devotion of that eight-year-old boy Shri Mulakh Raj Ji. This ultimately lead him to Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan and attained his ultimate goal, the true Spiritual Guru. The divine soul Shri Mulakh Raj Ji received the blessings and direction from Anandkand Yogeshwar Ramlal Bhagwan and He was bestowed with the eternal blessings because of his services to his Sadgurudev and he blessed him with “Turya Ati Turya Avastha” He could perform all his activities in the meditating state of mind. He had reached such heights of yog sadhana that he was always in the company of Almighty. If we attempt to describe the spiritual miracles performed by His Highness, we will run out of space. Further he gave him the powers and bless him to lead the organization as IInd Guru Gaddi in the year 1938.