How are we different?

Our perspective of promoting the Yogic practices is inclined towards the scientific benefits it brings to anyone’s life. Focusing solely on providing the best and complete solutions to Yog and Spiritually requirements of the global communities, we are carrying out never-ending researches on this vast subject. By doing this, our Yoga practitioners gain immense knowledge of Vedas and learn the best ways of practicing or teaching it.

With in-depth exploration of Yogic practices, we not only include the physical practices i.e. Kriyas, Pranayams, Asans and Mudras but only pays equal attention to its core concepts such as Karma Yog, Bhakti Yog, Jnana Yog and Raja Yoga.

Our yogic movements are derived by the idea of spreading love, compassion and peace. We admire the idea of inspiring everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle which is only possible through purifying the body, mind and soul through Yog.

For us, Yoga is a celebration of life in the most-balanced manner!

Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram welcomes everyone to learn the ways of keeping the body healthy and philosophically-maintained. Irrespective of the cast, religion, creed, gender and age, we help all yog admirers to learn the methods of implementing it in daily life.

With an unbiased approach, our goal is the train every single soul about how they can maintain a peaceful mind and spirit. Enriching lives of lakhs of people, we have also cured thousands of people through our physical or mental cures.

We maintain:

  • 75+ Divya Yog Temples/Mandirs
  • Camps for the Yog Practitioners to demonstrate the right ways of performing Yogic Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayams, and Mudras.
  • Yog Research centers
  • Library of books or research works on Yoga
  • A dream of starting Yoga schools or colleges across the world
  • Arrangement to train Yogacharyas, arming them with the power of curing human ailments.

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